Turn Scrap Copper into Cash: Your Guide to Finding and Recycling Copper

Turn Scrap Copper into Cash: Your Guide to Finding and Recycling Copper

Copper is everywhere, from the wiring in your house to the plumbing in your walls, and even in your old electronics!

Recycling copper isn’t just great for the environment – it can also put some extra cash in your pocket.

In this article, we’ll explore the various places you can find copper for recycling and why it’s worth the effort.

Why Recycle Copper?

Producing new copper from recycled copper scrap requires only about 10-15% of the energy needed to extract and process copper from raw ore.

This means fewer emissions and lower production costs, which can translate to savings for consumers and is also far better for the environment.

Common Sources of Recyclable Copper

Old Electronics

Old computers, televisions, and other electronics often contain significant amounts of copper. Before discarding these items, consider disassembling them to retrieve the copper components.

Household Appliances

Large appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers typically have copper wiring and tubing. Even smaller items like toasters and coffee makers can have copper elements worth recycling.

Automotive Parts

Scrap vehicles are another excellent source of copper. From the battery cables to the wiring harness, many parts contain recyclable copper.

Home Renovations

Old electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, and air conditioning units are treasure troves of copper. If you’re doing any home renovation projects, make sure to set aside these valuable materials.

How to Prepare Copper for Recycling

To get the best price for your copper, it’s essential to prepare it correctly:

Clean the Copper: Make sure your copper is free from any attachments or contaminants like plastic or rubber.

Sort by Grade: Separate different grades of copper (e.g., bare bright copper, No. 1 copper, No. 2 copper etc.) to ensure you get the best price for each type. If you’re unsure what grades you have, contact us below to learn more.


If you have scrap copper you’d like to recycle for cash contact our team today! We are open Monday to Friday and have six locations across Western Canada with convenient drive-in and drop-off facilities.