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What We Buy...

Inland Steel trades your scrap metal on a metal’s market which ensures up-to-date, competitive pricing. Inland Steel can buy your used radiators, and batteries as well as any other used steel, iron, aluminum and other scrap metal you may have for recycling. In exchange, Inland can provide you with new or used steel and pipe.

copper wire

Inland Steel Products Inc. can buy your scrap metal at the highest prices paid. Inland Steel pays customer immediately after the sale of your scrap. We will even provide you with a free bin service for recycling all of your scrap metal.

The following is a list of the specific non-ferrous scrap metals that we buy:

• Copper
• Lead
• Brass and bronze
• Radiators
• Stainless steel
• Catalytic converters
• Lead-acid batteries
• Insulated wire
• Aluminum
• Electric motors
• Starters and alternators
• Transmissions
• Catalytic converters

The following is a list of the specific ferrous scrap metals that we buy:

• No. 1 steel
• No. 2 steel
• Cast iron
• Plate and structural steel
• Carbon steel shavings

All of our Ferrous Scrap is recycled right here in the Province of Saskatchewan. For more information on our metal recycling and our wide range of quality steel and metal products, please speak to any of our qualified buyers. Please click here to contact us.

Client Testimonials

"…With Inland Steel's help, Saskatchewan recycles more scrap metal per person than most other jurisdictions anywhere on the planet. EVRAZ wishes to congratulate Inland Steel Products Inc on forty years of service to both the community and our business as well."

Greg Maindonald

President, EVRAZ

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