For on-site collection of scrap metal, we provide small and large bins tailored to our client’s specific needs. We take pride in our service and will service accounts of all sizes. Our experienced drivers will pickup and deliver the bins, making the recycling process easy and hassle-free.

Lugger Bin Dimensions 


Height Inside Width Length Size 
 54″ 64″ 138″   8 CU Yard
 72″ 64″  144″  12 CU Yard
 88″ 64″   206.5″  20 CU Yard

Roll Off Bin Dimensions


Height Width Length Size 
 3′ 6′ 22′ 20 CU Yard
 5′ 6′  22′  30 CU Yard 
 6′ 6′  22′  40 CU Yard

We are continually upgrading our truck fleet and containers to ensure efficient pickup times and provide our customers with clean bins in good condition. For more information, or to arrange a container, please call us or fill out and submit the form below.