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Inland Steel Products trades your scrap metal on a metals market that ensures up-to-date, competitive pricing. Inland Steel Products can buy your used radiators and batteries, as well as used steel, iron, aluminum or any other scrap metal you may have for recycling. In exchange, Inland can provide you with new or used steel and pipe.

Inland Steel Products buys scrap metal at the highest available price. We pay customers immediately after the sale of scrap, and will even provide free bin service for recycling of scrap metal.

We buy the following non-ferrous scrap metals: copper, lead, brass/bronze, radiators, stainless steel, catalytic converters, lead-acid batteries, insulated wire, aluminum, electric motors, starters/alternators, and transmissions.

We buy the following ferrous scrap metals: No. 1 steel, No. 2 steel, appliances, cast iron, plate and structural steel, and carbon steel shavings.


All Ferrous Scrap metal processed by Inland Steel Products is recycled in Saskatchewan. For more information on our metal recycling programs or wide range of quality steel and metal products, please call us or fill out and submit the form below.

Inland Steel Products provides quality steel and scrap metal products at a fair price. Used steel is sold out of the scrap pile on a per-pound basis.

We sell a variety of new and used steel products, including flats, angles, channels, rebar, rounds, square tubing, pipe and gauge sheet. If you would like a quote on a specific metal product, please contact us below.


Inland Steel Products is a founding member of the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries, and has been a leading-edge recycler for more than 45 years. Recycling steel saves energy, conserves natural resources and reduces landfill waste. Inland Steel Products utilizes the latest material handling technology to help contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment through the mass recycling of steel and other scrap metal products.

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